Marissa Markelon

Owner / Head Trainer

Marissa has been racing motocross since the age of three and has raced professionally since 2010. During her career, she has won multiple awards and championships. Her dream is to help grow the sport and help riders advance to the next level.


Rachel Combs


Rachel has been racing motocross since the age of six. She grew up in Southern California and learned how to ride on tracks like Glen Helen! Now living on the east coast, she frequently rides Southwick and other national tracks. Her years of experience combined with her diversity among tracks and conditions make Rachel a top-tier trainer.


Jim Bergman

Fitness Trainer

Jim is an ACE Certified personal trainer with over 6 years of fitness experience. He focuses solely on motocross training; fine tuning our riders' balance, strength and endurance. In addition to 711 MX Training, he works with top level AMA Pro Motocross riders all over the country!